Posted by: paigeturner123 | October 10, 2008

Mr. Shade, ID # 022XXXX

I had to call the IRS yesterday.  I forgot to send in a signed 8543-OL form after I filed my taxes electronically.  When the person who I thought sounded like a robot told me his name, Mr. Shade, and his ID number 022XXXX (I don’t want to get into trouble by posting this) I wanted to laugh.  I thought I was in some strange movie; I was an actress playing the part of the woman who had been mistakenly wronged by the IRS, only the IRS was really the FBI and I was now under investigation by Mr. Shade, ID number 022XXXX.  He didn’t crack a joke or laugh when I did.  His voice did not quaver when I didn’t understand that stating your full name meant including your middle initial.  He asked the question three times, all in slightly different tones, so that I understood that I was not giving the correct information to him. His voice was even, no emotion seeped out.  I felt relieved when I got off the phone, only slightly, but still. I hope I’m not on their watch list now.

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