Posted by: paigeturner123 | October 19, 2008

The things and life

I had another birthday a few days ago. Yep. I felt pretty crappy because I caught a cold… now that’s an odd phrase… “caught a cold”. In any case, I’m getting better, but the worst day was the day of my birthday. I still went out and drank a hot toddy, but I was in bed by 11. Wow. Maybe I am getting old.

I’ve been revising my novella. It’s definitely getting better. Things are starting to annoy me about it though. I think I tend to over explain things, like thoughts and emotions, when I write. I should be able to evoke those feelings, but for some reason I have to write it out. I guess that is what revision is for. Revising.

Another project I’m working on: Origami mobiles. I got another origami set for my birthday. It’s a sea life one. I made a bunch of fish last night and some other animals (a seahorse (caballito del mar), a seal, a whale, and a sea serpent). I’ll take pictures and post them when I am finished. All I need to do now is get some fishing wire and some balsa wood. This winter I’m going to craft more! I’m tired of knitting the same old scarves and hats!

What else do you want/need to know about me? I’m pretty happy now that my cold is going away!

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