Posted by: paigeturner123 | September 28, 2009

Red Wine

It’s has been difficult for me to stay off the internet and do research about best diet and all that for people with cancer. Anyway, I thought I would have to completely stop drinking, but I remembered that red wine is supposed to be helpful in staving off cancer and even helping with metastasis (or spread of cancer). Looks like I’m going to go get some 2 buck chuck (or maybe I’ll upgrade to something a little less dry) tonight and eat it with some pasta with marinara sauce.

Invite me to dinner (should be low fat) and I’ll bring the wine. Or maybe I’ll invite you to dinner and make you bring the wine!


  1. I like your new blog layout! Very nice.

    As for the best cancer-fighting diets, I have heard many different things, many of which are contradictory. I think Suzanne Somers has a book on it (she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, I believe, and has treated it all without standard medical procedures. She thinks she has cured it through her diet, which offends a lot of people).

    I definitely have heard that there are special cancer-fighting foods such as broccoli and other dark green vegetables. It’s good to know that wine is on that list!

  2. Well, I will have to have you over for dinner some time. I’ll think of something good to make. And we’ll have us some red wine along with it!

  3. Look here young lady – using your cancer as an excuse to lush it up every night will not fly.

    I kid.

    I will gladly serve you any kind of booze you require – even the good stuff – while we eat good low fat foods.

  4. Don’t make me fly out there and buy you dinner because I will and then you’ll be on the hook for my wine tab. Better – you come to Philadelphia and I’ll buy wine for all of us and Sarah and I will cook for you.

    Say when.

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