Posted by: paigeturner123 | September 29, 2009


Every time the phone rings my stomach drops. Today is going to be difficult. I called the Thyroid tumor clinic and talked to someone. They are going to track down the doctor who can look at the biopsy and tell me what type of thyroid cancer I have… so that I can make an appointment etc. I feel sick to my stomach. I’m still hoping for the best, but I’m still freaked out. I should know by this afternoon… or at the very least by the end of today.

Keep you fingers crossed.


  1. I just came to check to see if you had heard anything. I am keeping my fingers crossed and thinking that the odds are on your side!

  2. fingers and toes crossed

    and Noah Meltzer says you should get an opinion from an otolaryngology at OHSU which I’m sure you’re doing…

    if you want me to ask him or Paul any questions for you I would be glad to

    • I am going to a thyroid/tumor specialist at OHSU… if they would freaking call me back. Dr. Shindo is the Dept. head and she is going to help me out.

  3. Hello my dear, I read Ema’s message and I want to tell you that you can call Paul with questions and/or support. He is a cancer specialist at NCI (National Cancer Institute). Noah is an otolaryngologist at Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland. That’s why I emailed him the news. We are all concerned and wish you only the Best of everything.
    Best Wishes,

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