Posted by: paigeturner123 | October 7, 2009

Bad dream

So last night I had my first bad dream about surgery. I dreamt that I was in a small room with my friend Patrick who is a crna. I was watching everything from above. He had administered the anesthesia and I was out on the table. For some reason I was getting surgery on my calf or somewhere on my leg.

I was surrounded by four guys who where also under anesthesia, all sitting in chairs with their hands tied to them. Anyway, somehow patrick became the surgeon, but he needed to go eat so he left. When he came back he was with Ashley and I had moved.

Patrick looked around to make sure the four other guys were still asleep when one of them opened his eyes and starting charging after him. Patrick was able to stab him with a needle and make him go back to sleep. This happened a few more times and then I woke up! I guess I need to work on stress reduction.

A friend just gave me a book about how to heal and relax when you go through surgery. Hope it helps. Thanks, Megan!


  1. Wow. That sounds intense! Yes, clearly you’re stressed out over the surgery. Have you ever tried acupuncture? I know several people who swear by it. Sending good thoughts your way!

    • I am going to see my naturopath (sp?) and she might suggest that. I’ve been wanting to try it!

  2. That was wild!! Is that telling you that you don’t want Patrick in the surgery with you? You have always had very vivid dreams. It reminds me of the dreams Mom used to tell me about. I think you need to drink more of that relaxing tea before you go to bed. I wonder if chocolate would help?! Mom

  3. Hi paigeturner

    Sounds like your mom gave you some sound advice! Take care of yourself.

  4. Bad dreams are a normal stress response, dont dwell on them stay positive and eat some chocolate!

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