Posted by: paigeturner123 | October 16, 2009


So I am checking in with my naturopath as a little extra support for my surgery/preventative future care. I had a really good appointment last week. She is part therapist part healer. We talked a bit about my fears and some interesting things came up.

1. I was not really accepting that everything would be OK even though countless people said I would be. I had/have this fear that the cancer will come back and somehow be untreatable (even though I have one of the most common and treatable types). I also have a fear of not being able to wake up from anesthesia because I have a harder time coming out of it. Basically, I need to let go of those fears and know that I will be OK. Both fears are unfounded. It’s possible that the cancer will come back, but it is still treatable and will not shorten my life, I’ll just have to go through surgery again!

2. I need to let myself move through the process more fluidly, not skip over the hard parts because they are difficult. Acceptance. Letting go. Paying attention to my body. Getting my emotions out (on paper or otherwise).

3. I got some good pre and post operative stuff to help me heal faster that I will check with my surgeon about. They should not interfere at all with conventional treatment.

She gave me a homeopathic remedy before I left to help me work through my fears quicker so that I can relax for surgery.

So I have a really awesome holistic doctor as well as a great surgeon and a great endocrinologist. I’m backed by ladies! It’s funny that my gynecologist is a man though. I was never comfortable with that until I had to go to him because of some scheduling conflict once!

Side note: Today is my 32nd birthday! It’s been a really awesome day. The first time I didn’t plan something like an event and it’s very relaxing. Brunch. Art museum. Window shopping. Dinner. Dessert. Movie. This is my spectacular life.


  1. Hey Christi,
    We just found out recently what’s going on with you. I’m so sorry to hear about all of this, but we know you’ll pull through spectacularly! You are a positive soul and a strong person, and we’re wishing the best for you!

    I totally feel you on your fear of anesthesia. I’ve had to go under a number of times for kidney issues, and that was the thing that always scared me the most. I’ve even elected to go through some, well… unpleasant procedures without it because I just prefer not to take the risk. But, after all that worrying and avoiding, I’ve gone in and out of anesthesia tons of times without any issues.
    I guess, in the end, this whole situation will help to empower you; to show that you can push through the fears and worries and physically challenging episodes. You’ll come out of this healthy, happy, and more cognizant of the little things in life that make it so special.

    We’re thinking of you and will check in frequently. Please, let us know if there’s anything we can do!

    Take care,
    Mike & Samantha

    • Thanks so much for keeping me in your thoughts. It really does mean a lot to me. I can feel all the positive vibes people are sending me. I appreciate you telling me about your anesthesia story too. Luckily I have a good friend who is a CRNA and administers anesthesia so I finally had a good conversation with him about my fears. He was really helpful so I’m not quite as freaked out.

      I’m slowly finding that this situation is showing me how strong I actually am and how appreciative I am of all the family and friends who are showing their support of me. It’s nuts, but true that the little things in life are more important than the trivial things (like cool iPhones, the latest apps, sim games for your iPhone… oh, I’m not obsessed with my iPhone, OK?). But for real, long walks, bike rides, and conversations with people about things that truly matter have regained their meaning with me.

      Thanks again!

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