Posted by: paigeturner123 | November 4, 2009

One more night

Well, I  have to stay in the hospital for one more night.  They really want to make sure that my calcium levels are at a good level.  They are planning to check them again around 4 p.m. I’ve had one visitor, not including my mom and Radcliffe.  A friend works next door to the place I am staying and she stopped by for a few minutes.  It was good, but my voice gets tired after a very short while. Hopefully I can go home tomorrow morning.  Keep those fingers crossed.

So, it’s been interesting. Not terrible, but not awesome either.  The surgery ended up being 6.5 hours and I am starting to feel achy in my calf muscles.  I’ve taken a couple of walks today and plan on going for a couple more. The food is OK,not too bad, but nothing stellar. My mom did get me a really good strawberry banana smoothie.

The Cable TV sucks because I don’t think they have HG TV.  I haven’t watched TV at all.  I have a bunch of books to read and my computer to play around on.

I do have some numbness in my right ear and shoulder and neck.  That’s an odd feeling, but with time the nerves should regenerate and I will probably have most of my feeling back.  Somewhere with in the 6-9 month mark.

Note: my hospital room tends to attract interesting people for example a person from housekeeping opened the door and look in and say “housekeeping” and then close the door and don’t come back in OR they say that they need to clean the urine up from the floor when there is no urine to clean AND two different times a guy came looking for a C-PAP machine (to help keep the circulation going in your legs) THEN a little girl just totally opened my door and left it open.  Weirdos I tell you!


  1. Hospital fun, that sucks about the cable! I wonder if you feeling crampy from the calcium issue and you know you went pee pee on the floor, you can’t fool me! HEHE By the way Justin, Andrew and Vangogh send their love!

  2. Glad that you are doing so well. Tell the oddballs to leave you alone!! We’re getting great reports from your dad. Love to you and your mom.

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