Posted by: paigeturner123 | November 6, 2009

Calcium, my friend?

So, it sounds like my calcium levels are getting better and I might really get to go home this afternoon.  The doc told me this morning that they are just waiting to get all the meds etc. worked out.  It will be nice to wash my hair and just be home.  I miss my house so much it’s not even funny.

I’m still a little emotional today, but I haven’t really allowed myself to cry so I think yesterday and today was when it all decided to come out. It feels good to get it all out, but it is unexpected when it comes.  Most of the time I am crying because I feel lucky to have all of my friend and family/people who care about me in my life. I’ve realized how important it is to have those people around and what it means to love someone. I love all of you who have reached out to me so much.  It’s crazy, I sound like my mom!  She can get so emotional and can really express it in words, but I’ve always had trouble with that. It’s just difficult for me to say things to people. That’s just how I am, but at least now I have a blog and I can be dramatic and tell everyone that I love them! Even the nurses and doctors that I have been around have been great. The night nurse for two nights in a row was named Christi (not sure how she actually spelled it) and she was one of the sweetest ones.  Another was Rose who was also a night nurse.  But all of the nurses who have cared for me have really done a good job.  It makes a difference too.

Calcium- keep going up  and make me feel better.


  1. I hope you get to go home today. I am so sorry your calcium is giving you such a hard time. I have no idea why but my levels never dropped, and I am usually the one with all the complications. Get well,we have a long road ahead of us.

  2. I am very proud of you!

  3. The sky’s the limit! Your scar looks dynamite- you can tell people you were kidnapped and left for dead by banditos. Everyone is very very glad things are going swimmingly. Do you need a thyroid to digest sherbert floats? I would hate to offer one if that was the case. I wish you extra pizzaz at home.

    • Yes, I plan to come up with a good story for the reasons I have two large scars on my neck. Maybe a fight after a soccer game or something one day and then the next one about pirates in the south seas where I ended up getting all their booty because I escaped!

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