Posted by: paigeturner123 | November 9, 2009

Each day is better than the last

So it hasn’t been quite a week since my surgery and I am feeling better and better each day. My voice is still froggy and my neck is still stiff with some soreness in my right shoulder, but I am able to get dressed and put my make-up on. The important stuff.

I am hoping to go back to work for most of the day on Thursday. I thought I might go back on Wednesday, but I’m still feeling kind of weak etc. I’ll see how I feel. I probably won’t work a full day. I just get tired really easily. I’ll probably take a nap soon, but first I will watch a movie. I got “My Life as a Dog”. I hope it’s good.

Anecdote for the day: So I’m still kind of out of it and yesterday I woke up and had half a blueberry muffin for breakfast. That’s when I take my synthroid, calcium and other meds. ANYWAY, I didn’t realize it until today, but instead of taking my calcium… I took my heavy duty pain meds! I wondered why I was sooooo tired and had to take a nap after taking my Mom to the airport! Funny! I figured it out because I suddenly didn’t remember the shape and color of the calcium pill from yesterday. Then I counted up the pills and I had an extra one!

I still feel a little foggy headed, probably from the anesthesia, but at least I am able to read now. I started on Musciophilia by Oliver Sacks. Thanks Lynne, Mike, Audrey, Andy and Rebecca! It’s good so far.

Ashley and Patrick have been a huge help too. Thanks.


  1. Christi, you need to get one of those “every day of the week” pill holders now! Do you have one? I could pick one up for you. You’ll fit in great with any octogenarians that may be in your area.

    • I actually have two of them… one for work and one for home… guess I better start using it!

  2. Hey Christi glad you are feeling better. I went back to work today for 4 hours and I couldn’t believe how tired I was when I got home and still am 6 hrs later

  3. I hope you like My Life as a Dog. I love that movie. I’m glad you’re feeling better each day. Keep it up!

    I’m continuing to think of good short books for you to read when you do the radiation therapy. Have you read Switch Bitch by Roald Dahl? It’s a really funny and pretty scandalous series of short stories for adults.

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