Posted by: paigeturner123 | December 2, 2009

Low iodine diet!

Well, I’ve started my Low Iodine Diet (LID). Today is day 3. Basically, I am not allowed to have:

iodized salt (which includes a lot of products that just say “salt” as the ingredient because I can’t tell if it is iodized or not)
Soy products (includes rice milk because there is added salt)
Eggs (except egg whites)
Which includes any baked goods purchased at the store (the eggs and dairy)
Not too much rice or pasta (that’s a hard one for me)
No sea food (except freshwater fish)

So being vegetarian is interesting. I do eat fish, but only about once a week or every other week. It’s hard not to eat a lot of carbs on this diet. So far this is what I’ve been eating.  Plus, I was trying to go gluten free… that isn’t happening for the next couple of weeks even though I have been cooking with gluten free flour.

Black beans and rice with cilantro, avocado, and lime
Peanut butter cookies (I baked these with natural peanut butter (no salt) and applesauce)
Stir fry (with my own non-iodized salt, ground ginger, ground garlic etc sauce)
Fruit salad
cocoa muffins I made

I hope to make some freshwater fish, trout, this weekend to get away from some of the carbs. I’m planning on weighing myself on Friday to see if I lost any weight. I’m starting to feel like I am, but not too much… I’m still eating a lot of sugar!


  1. Out of curiosity, why so little rice and pasta? Do they naturally contain iodine? There’s a really good gluten-free pasta that doesn’t have rice called Ancient Heritage, if you can have quinoa and corn.

    Speaking of quinoa, have you tried it? It’s gluten-free, but the whole grains cook up kind of like couscous. It’s a good source of protein.

    It sounds like you’re getting a good start on the diet – this is a tricky one!

    • I’m not really sure about the small amounts of rice and pasta, it’s just what my list said. I do need to try quinoa. thanks for the tips!

  2. Sorbet? Que?
    Try not to skin your knee around an old person- they love smearing iodine on skinned knees.
    Fresh water fish is very fishy. Get some with no eyeballs- that’s just my two cents.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen the eyeballs on those fish. Why do they have to keep them whole? I hope they will fillet it for me or something…

  3. You could add salads with beans (white or garbanzo) and seeds and nuts (sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, etc.) to your repertoire. They can be very filling and might make a nice break from the carbs.

    You can also make good whole grain salads with the aforementioned quinoa, beans, veggies, then a homemade dressing of some kind. You can make big batches and have them on-hand to eat.

    Let me know if you’d like any recipes. We eat this kind of thing all the time, but I usually just invent it as I go depending on the veggies I have around!

    Oh! And what about yams and potatoes? Those are carbs but not rice or pasta.

    • Maybe I’ll try salads, but I don’t really like them that much. Well, I like them at restaurants when they add lot’s of dressing to it, but I never really crave salads.

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