Posted by: paigeturner123 | December 14, 2009


Wednesday is the day that I go in for my radioactive iodine treatment. I got my first thyrogen shot today. It was only sore for about 5 minutes and now I feel fine. Hopefully I won’t have any symptoms from it tomorrow. They said that I could have symptoms of tiredness and aches about 24 hours after the shot.

So it’s gonna be weird. I’ll be reading a lot and playing cards or something. For 2 full days I cannot have contact with anyone in person. I can call people from my hospital phone and stuff, but no face to face interaction. On the 3rd day I can be around people form 15 min if they stay 4-5 feet away from me. Plus, I have to flush the toilet like three times and wash down my apartment after the third day. Dang. I’m ready though. I have a bunch of books and magazines. I made a bunch of peanut butter cookies tonight. I will say, I’ve learned that I am not a bad cook.OK, I’ll be offline for about a few days.


  1. Good luck, sweetie!! I’ll be praying that you don’t get too bored with yourself, and come out of this whole experience doing great. Anxious to see you when you come for the holidays.

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