Posted by: paigeturner123 | December 18, 2009

Lock-down complete

Luckily I had a quick lock-down at the hospital. Last night around 5 the Nuclear Medicine person came in and checked my radioactivity levels and she said I could go. I was supposed to be at 5.5 or lower and I was at 3.5. The day before, right after taking the pills, I was at 31! I’m still drinking lots of fluids and flushing the toilet 3 times, but I’m pretty sure now things are just as a precaution. My levels have got to be below 3.5 today. They suggested I keep people away from my neck because that is where all/most of the RAI is so it can kill all the cancer cells. In any case, it’s gooooood to be home. I wasn’t too excited about wearing a hospital gown all day and all night.

I was not able to finish all my books. The only one I finished was Are you There God, it’s Me Margaret? I don’t think I ever read it as a kid. It sort of reminded me of a book I loved called We Hate Everything But Boys. It was about a group of girls in the WHEBB club. I don’t remember it being so focused on wanting to “grow” and wanting their periods. I know I did NOT want to wear a bra or get my period. I even think I started wearing a bra in like 4th or 5th grade, not 6th! I guess I was one of the older kids in my class since my birthday is in October. I think I was just one of those kids that didn’t really want to grow up in the puberty kind of way. I wanted people to listen to me and pay attention to what I had to say, but not because I had boobs or a pretty face. Anyway, I’ll rate it on Goodreads. Maybe when I was a kid I would have liked it more. I know a lot of people have thought that that was one of their favorite books when they were kids.

I didn’t get to finish any of the other books, but I started a couple of them. Oh well. I read most of the magazines, but there were a couple of articles I did not get to read that I wanted to read. Not that I’m complaining. I would rather be home than in the hospital.

From now until Sunday I will be in semi-isolation. I can have visitors for 15 min at a time, but they have to stay 4-5 feet from me. Mostly Radcliffe will probably come over and bring me coffee or dinner, tonight I might break all the rules and eat nachos. I haven’t had dairy for about a month because of my diet and my wanting to cut it out of my regular diet because of allergies. I haven’t had any stomach problems in the past month either… hmmm. I plan on eating very little cheese and very little gluten/wheat as well. So I will be cooking more. Hopefully this means my triglycerides will go down.

I’m hungry. Oh, and since my surgery I’ve lost about 6-7 pounds.  Which is good because last year at this time I weighed the same as I do now… dang, I gained 6-7 pounds in a year!  I’m gonna keep it off now.


  1. Don’t get too skinny!! I am so glad this phase of your treatment is almost over. It is difficult for me to be away from you. Tell me again why you had to move to Portland. I can’t wait to be able to hold you in my arms–a Mom just needs to be with her child at these times. You are a very special young woman. I’m glad to be your Mom.

  2. I’m so glad you’re home and able to be with people who love you (even if for short periods of time =) I read every new post and I think of you often. Let’s connect sometime soon. Big hugs!

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