Posted by: paigeturner123 | January 11, 2010

Uncertainty is my truest friend

Today I found out another piece of information.

The run-down

My whole body scan after the radioactive iodine came back with some abnormal spots of uptake. One of those spots was in my right lung. My Dr. had me get a CT scan to further investigate. The CT came back as inconclusive. They couldn’t tell if the 3 mm nodule in my lung was cancer or just from inflammation/irritation from the radio active iodine or a cold I have/had before and after the treatment. At this point we just have to monitor it and if the nodule gets bigger in 6 mos. that’s when they will need to check into it more. I did a little research and so far the stuff that I have read says that with a nodule that tiny it is unlikely that it is cancer, but the biggest indicator is if it grows in the next 4-6 months. I’m hoping it is just inflammation. I have a lot of sinus/allergy issues so hopefully that’s all it is.

So I guess it wasn’t bad news.

I think it would get frustrating to be a doctor. It seems like there are just a lot of guidelines and statistics to help doctors figure stuff out unless someone has a really text book case of a certain disease.

At this point all I can do it wait and see. I have some blood work coming up that will help answer more questions so that’s good too.

I will work on my realationship with uncertainty so that each time it reaches out to me, I can embrace it instead of pushing it away.

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