Posted by: paigeturner123 | February 7, 2010

Reading and Writing

Health Update

Nothing major to update.  My thyroid medication was increased because my blood levels where too high.  I’ve been feeling much better, more awake and less lethargic. It took about a week for me to start feeling like that.


So, I’ve been reading a bunch lately. I’m going through one of those phases where I can’t seem to get enough reading in. Right now I’ve got three books going:
1. Everything Changes: The Insider’s Guide to Cancer in your 20’s and 30’s by Kariol Rosenthal (I recommend it). I’ve been reading about a chapter a night and I pretty much end up in tears each night, but they are good tears. It really puts things into perspective and gives you many perspectives of cancer (all different types of cancer and all different types of people who are dealing with it). She also has a great blog.

2. The Gathering by Anne Enright – For book club so I won’t discuss it right now. It’s written in a kind of stream of consciousness. I have about 35 pages left so I hope I finish it today.

3. Difficult Loves by Italo Calvino- It’s a short story collection that was translated. the translation seems a bit weird, but I’ve not read much of it yet.


Well, I’m still working on my novel. Is it weird to say that I like what I’m writing? I mean, I really like the story and the characters and I’m not bored with it at all. Not that I wasn’t bored with it at some point. I mean, I had to cut a bunch of scenes because they were so boring and they were dragging the story down with it, but now that I got rid of that I’m liking it again. I feel like I can see where this might be going and just filling out the middle part is now becoming really fun. I now know what happens in the end so I can figure out how to get there or something. I need to keep forcing myself to make time to write, but as long as I do that it will be finished in no time at all. I just love to distract myself with crafting, working out, going to movies, or going to happy hour after work. I can’t even blame it on TV, I only watch one show a week.

In reality, I haven’t felt much like hanging out and doing anything but reading or writing. Not that I’ve been home every night reading or writing, but I haven’t felt like doing much aside from that. my heart just isn’t in it.

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