Posted by: paigeturner123 | February 15, 2010


Well I’ve titled this organizing (sounds kind of like the word agonizing, doesn’t it?) because it has many meanings.

1. Organize things. I’ve been getting tired of looking at stacks of papers, books and other little piles of clutter that I love, but don’t really want to see any more. I opted to start using canvas boxes to “hide” my clutter. I have to say it works wonders! My shelving unit looks organized. the simple lines create order in my otherwise chaotic existence. I am getting rid of most of my VHS tapes and my small white desk. I never sit down at it (and when I did it only lasted for about 6 months). I usually sit on my couch with my computer on my lap (like I’m doing now). So I am now using my printer stand as my computer station (which includes my printer, hard drive and extra printing supplies like ink or paper). Almost done cleaning out that desk. When it is gone I will put my bike where my desk was (no more storage space in my apartment).
2. Organize your thoughts. I’ve come to a place in my mind where I can accept my medical condition and that it won’t ever really go away. I’m going to have tests and more tests and I may not get the results from these tests that I want. I already know that I have a few more suspicious lymph nodes in the left side of my neck. I won’t allow myself to forget that because if I do, I might think I’ll never have to go through any type of treatment again. See? I’m organizing my thoughts in a way that will set me up for obstacles and knowing that I can deal with those obstacles as they come. It’s like putting one foot in front of the other. You wouldn’t try and jump if you didn’t see a big puddle to jump over, or maybe you would, but it wouldn’t be logical and you might look a little crazy to people walking past you.

What else can you organize?


  1. I am the worst about organizing my appointments. I always feel like I’ve accomplished a lot if I finally get around to scheduling a doctor’s appointment or anything else I’ve held off for too long.

    You could organize your email inbox.

    You could organize your to-read list on Goodreads.

    You could organize your life (five year plan, ten year plan, etc.).

    You could organize your money.

    You could make a bunch of spreadsheets to organize everything in your life and then organize the spreadsheets.

  2. And you could organize your books and CDs using the Dewey Decimal system, which is perfect for small collections. (Name that movie reference!)

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