Posted by: paigeturner123 | March 30, 2010

Natural Remedies?

OK, I somehow missed a week of posting. I thought I had posted last week! Sorry.

I got my blood test results back and my TSH levels are WAY low! I have been so lucky that I have not been feeling the effects of the hormone fluctuations much, but this weekend was bad. I was so emotional and I really think it has to do with the hormones. I just felt this sense of sadness and hopelessness that I haven’t felt in a very long time. It lasted for about four days. I am finally feeling more like myself today, emotionally. Anyway, my medication was lowered and I’m hoping that will help and I won’t have to have any more dose changes for awhile. I have my follow-up appointment with my surgeon (was supposed to be my endo, but she is out on emergency family medical leave) next week. I have a couple of questions. Mainly about the suspicious nodes on the left side of my neck and what I need to do in order to watch the “inconclusive” spot on my lung, but first I’m sure I have to get rid of the cold I have!

What I really wanted to talk about this week are natural remedies. Right now I’m fighting another (or maybe the same one) cold! I was just feeling better and now my nose is all stuffed up again! I read about a few different remedies and so I’m trying something new… apple cider vinegar in water. I am drinking (right this very minute) 2 tbs. of ACV in 8 oz of water. It doesn’t taste all that great, but it isn’t too bad. I also read that taking potassium supplements are supposed to help. I just bought some juice (organic Trader Joe’s brand, no sugar added) that has about 270 mg (or is it grams?) of potassium. I figure the berries will also help with my antioxidant etc

Have you ever tried a natural remedy? What was it and did it work?


  1. Sorry you’ve been feeling so bad! It seems like there must be a lot of natural remedies to help out with the hormone adjustments. Of course, I do not know what they might be. As for the cold, hot lemon water with ginger often helps!

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