Posted by: paigeturner123 | April 16, 2010

Pondering pet names

OK, so I’m going to veer off from some of my regular postings about my health, I’m sure you are all tired of hearing about that anyway.  Besides, I feel good and I don’t really have another appointment that will mean anything until June

I got to thinking about some of my favorite pets and what I decided to name them.  I think most kids come up with the normal kind of names, but I wanted to see how mine compared to everyone else’s. I’m going to list the names of all (or at least those that I can remember) from my childhood

The first pets I remember were a pair of hamsters.  We had two and I got to name one and my sister named one.  I named mine Candy and she named hers Peanut.  Yes, Candy was large and Peanut was small and I do mean fat and skinny. After that I had a series of guinea pigs.  I only remember two of their names: Cinnamon was first and then my favorite was named Black Magic (I had no idea what Black magic was, I just loved this little black guinea pig and thought he was magic). Apparently my mom let me ride around with, I think it was Cinnamon, in my bike basket, which I can’t believe, but she tells me I did this. I know I had hermit crabs, but I don’t remember their names. I named our second dog, Snickers… I think I had a thing about food. I don’t think I named any of our other pets, but my sister had a parakeet named Nipper who was not very nice and we had Paco (his name was supposed to be Pogo, but my mom kept calling him Paco) a terrier mix and now my parents have a dog named Sadie

Since then I’ve had some betta fish I’ve named: Rox, Abacus, Percy, Montenegro(Monty), Luna and Carl was an albino cherry barb.  What’s in a name?  Do you have favorite memories of your favorite pets or at least favorite names of your pets? What are they?


  1. My parents had Sassy and Snooka, two cockapoos, when I was born. My first pet was a sweet tabby cat that I named Tanny. Yep, not so creative as she was an orange/tan striped tabby. My next cat was Friday, I named after King Friday of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Sir Rufus Benson the Third (we did not name him) was the family cocker spaniel. I got another cat, Ashley, I named her that because she was gray. Again, creative. Then as an adult we got Pepper, a gray/white cat that freakishly resembles Friday, but she has a black spot on her nose. We actually didn’t name her. Leo, our other cat, leapt like a lion when we got him. Sage, our first dog together, seemed like an old soul when we got her, hence the name. Calvin, our other dog came with his name and it fits. He’s more like the Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs than the philosopher. OH, and we have countless fish. After the original three (Goldie, Poppy, and Bob) died we stopped naming them. Too painful. Pet names are funny aren’t they. I never had hamsters but Eric did. I don’t remember any other pet names of his, but I do remember Simon and Garfunkel. Great names.

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