Posted by: paigeturner123 | June 5, 2010

Back on track

OK, I am getting back on track with writing on this thing every week. I’ll start today by saying that I am feeling pretty good, I think my medication is working better, but I still might need a little more adjustment. I’m feeling a bit manic at times, but it might just be the fluctuating weather. Today is SUNNY! Maybe this means summer really is on it’s way.

In health news, I just found out that my endo will not be coming back to the office. This is after 3-4 months of emergency family medical leave. I really just hope that she is OK. I have an appointment with my surgeon in two weeks to go over some blood test results, but she doesn’t really know about the endo stuff… she’s a surgeon! I am going to ask for recommendations for a new endo as I’m sure it will take a long time to hire a new one. I don’t want to be in limbo for too long. If I have a reoccurence I want it to be caught right away and dealt with.

In other news… I’ve been playing soccer (futsal) and have been scoring goals here and there. I am feeling much more confident and I am learning a lot about the game. I’m planning to watch as much of the world cup as I can this year, but since I don’t have cable I will be relying on friends and different places around town that are showing it. I actually found a neighborhood coffee place that is playing it. I can only go to the weekend games, but I’m excited.

I’m also turning my novella into a novel. I’ve finally figured out what was missing (I think). So I’m going to buckle down on my weekends and get that done! Actually any free-time I have I am going to try and just write. That’s all I need to do in order to get this thing done. Plus, I still really like it so that’s important and this point in the game

OK, hope you all are well.

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