Posted by: paigeturner123 | November 6, 2010

Good-bye Thyroid Anniversary

So a few days ago, I believe it was November 3 (my Mom could tell you the exact date) I said good-bye to my thyroid. Are you wondering what my past year has been like? Well, I will tell you.

1. I had a thyroidectomy with radical neck dissection (right side).
2. I had Radioactive Iodine treatment (RAI of 150) and was on the Low Iodine Diet for two weeks.
3. Had my whole body scan and ultra sound that came back slightly off.
4. Had another ultra sound, a CT scan and lots of blood work. All came back clear and with good results!
5. Somewhere in there I made it to Mexico for some relaxation.
6. Went to New York for a wedding.
7. My bf and I broke up for good reasons. I had a couple of bad months there, but things work out.
8. I played lots of soccer and scored some goals.
9. I tried to enjoy life a bit more and really roll with the punches. Nothing in life is as important as you think it is.
10. Wanted to have a major epiphany after my cancer diagnosis, but didn’t. I’m basically the same person I was before this whole thing. It just brought out more of my thoughtful personality.
11. I started hanging out with someone “new”. Someone I have known for 6-7 years.
12. Tried to appreciate the family that I have and the support that they always give me.
13. Came up with some new craft ideas and started on one of the bigger ones.
14. Now have a writing schedule and am hoping to finish my novel in 6 months.  Currently, it is over 25,000 words (about half the size of a short novel) .
15. Was asked to join a writing group. I did.
16. Created a new book group called mini book group. We read novellas that are considered classics.
17. Went to a total of 6 weddings in about 8 months!
18. Went to Seattle with the new bf and saw Bruce Lee’s grave and Kurt Cobains old house and attended the last wedding of the 6!
19. Am glad that I could never have imagined how great my life would be. If I could have, I might not think it is so great right now.
20. Smashley came to visit me over my birthday and we had fun!  I even entered a raffle to win a tea package at the Chinese Garden (my first time there) and WON!

Thyroid, I didn’t need you anyway. I’m not mad at you, but I want you to know, letting go isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I know about good times and bad times and there are more of those to come … there is nothing I can do to stop that nor do I want to.


  1. You are amazing and I love you very much. MOM

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    You have touched some nice things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

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