Posted by: paigeturner123 | December 26, 2010

Day 5 of Cytomel!

OK, so I am on day 5 of cytomel and things are OK. I was a little worried about hair loss and weight gain and so far I am fine with that stuff. Although the weight gain could be happening because of all the holiday foods I have been indulging in! It’s hard to resist cake, fudge, and hot chocolate. The most I’ve noticed as far as side effects go is that I feel flushed for an hour or two after I take the meds and I also just feel warm in general. The first day or two my hands were sweaty as well.  That has mostly gone away. Not sure if this is because I’m in Arizona and not used to 70 degree weather or if it is the meds, but I’ll be back in Oregon in a couple days so I’ll find out soon.

I was reading up on side effects and apparently Cytomel is taken by a lot of people for things like weight loss and depression. I only saw a few who took it for depression, but there seem to be a fair amount for the weight loss. Thought that was interesting.

Overall, I feel good.  I’m still a little nervous about those 2+ weeks that I will be completely off my medication and on the Low iodine diet, but for now I am doing well.

Also, Christmas was nice this year. Money, a few items of clothes, kitchen stuff and gift cards!  Tonight we are going to Las Noches De Las Luminarias and then I will get to hang out with some friends I’ve known since I was 12 or 13.

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